First and foremost … cookie cakes for breakfast should be mandatory at least once a year!

Recently, Fatty Cakes NY reached out to me for a WtD review and now I’m obsessed. I’m even hoping they will design my wedding cake next year (I’m imagining lots of cookie layers with Nutella spread and homemade whip cream!)

Fatty Cakes asked me where the most ideal location to send the cake and I figured since ‘sharing is caring’ and the best meals taste better with the right company, I asked them to delivery it to my day job at Penguin Random House in Midtown Manhattan.

Little did I know I had two surprises awaiting me:

  1. Our delicious logo graced the top layer.
  2. I got the special delivery from friend & model Rain Dove Dubilewski.

Now, I like to consider myself a cookie connoisseur. I even plan whole meals around them sometimes. With that said, I’ve had my fair share of cookie cakes but NEVER a cookie layered cake … ummm genius! Where has it been all my life?!

Each cookie layer was the perfect texture, not too hard and just soft enough to melt in your mouth. The frosting was a great barrier, almost a milk like combination. I loved it!

See all their options on their website HERE at Fatty Cakes NY! 

Here at FattyCakesNY, you’ll find an array of cookies. We have classic sandwich cookies, like The Chipwich; it includes a vanilla frosting sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies, sprinkled with sea salt on top. We also have a red velvet cookie, named The Betty Joafter Jen’s grandmother, which includes white chocolate chips and a cream cheese fudge; bacon cookies (yep, you read right!) like The Bacon Chip, which has chocolate chips, bourbon bacon brittle and sea salt on top. And to top it off, we also make boozy cookies like The Dark ‘N Stormy, which is a molasses ginger sandwich cookie, with Sailor Jerry rum cream filling.

click here for more!

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