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Hook & Cleaver
A Beefsteak Club in Brooklyn

I was invited to the opening celebration of Hook & Cleaver in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The soiree was packed with influencers, media, hipsters, writers and those who love a good steak.

Hook & Cleaver is a beefsteak club, lounge and bar where celebrity chef, Diane DiMeo, is the executive chef and co-owner. DiMeo has appeared on “The Taste” and “Chopped.”  The cozy dimly lit restaurant has an underground feel to it. There is no distinct sign on to let you know where the restaurant is. You will know that you have arrived by the 68 on top of the doorway.

During the evening we got to sample some of the delicious offerings on the menu. Long story short, everything was good. The hanger steak was nice and juicy. The ribs were so tender that they started falling off of the bone.  Not to mention the cauliflower cheese and roasted brussels sprouts as great side dish options. All washed down with red wine. Besides the good food, the wait staff was a pure hoot. Every one was friendly and made sure that we were taken care. It was great to see DiMeo in action as she worked the kitchen. Making things happen all while in a very fabulous outfit. Now that is my kind of chef.

For good steak, booze, and vibes, make sure that you check out Hook & Cleaver next time you are in Brooklyn. I even recommend that you take a special trip to try it out. It’s a gem of a joint, it will quickly become one of your favorites.

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