The Amazing Kreskin Shares His
Predictions and Love for Pets - Pet Life Radio
"He predicted who would win the 2012 U.S. Presidential election …18 months early. He predicted the team and their winning score for the 2013 Super Bowl three days early. Now, internationally renowned mentalist known as The Amazing Kreskin is teaming up with the SPCA Serving Erie County for a doggone grrr-eat cause. Together, they are unleashing the “Dog Biscuit Challenge.” Participants are videoed eating dog biscuits and then challenge others to do the same and make donations. The Amazing Kreskin predicts that celebrities Justin Bieber and Beth Stern will heed his challenge and eat dog biscuits in this fundraiser.  Tune in to this special episode of the Oh Behave show and host Arden Moore predicts you will be thoroughly entertained and motivated to help animals in need."
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