The Amazing Kreskin to perform at The Strand in November! - New Jersey Stage
"Conducting & or being part of a "SEANCE" dates back to 300 A.D. & was connected to occult practices bringing fear to those who attended or heard about them. To people, the concepts of spirits on the other side who wished to communicate seemed impossible. However part of our human conditioning tells us that there’s more. Kreskin is not a magician, but an incredible mentalist! During his show, he's telling people their social security number, license plate, addresses & their dog's name too! He's picking it up from what the audience. For over 60 years, Kreskin has been telling people things about themselves that only they could possibly know! How many performers do you know that let the audience hide his paycheck in the theater & if he can't find it he doesn't get paid? Kreskin offers ONE Million Dollars to anyone who can prove that he uses paid secret assistants or electronic devices! Performance ends with 20-24 people on stage in a "live" Seance! Don't miss it."
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