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We <3 when our clients <3 each other! Rain Dove + FattyCakesNY + What the Doost + AichG = True <3

We <3 when our clients <3 each other! Rain Dove + FattyCakesNY + What the Doost + AichG = True <3
Just delivered this epic cake to @whathedoost CEO Gina Doost. These sweet surprise confections are gifts from Fatty Cakes NY @fattycakesny ( @thischickbakes ) to folks who have positively impacted the community through words . 
Today I'm the Ed McMann of FROSTING!... I get to show up and be the one to hand these lucky loved individuals. Cake, sprinkles, smiles.... It's the best way to deliver joy!
....but right before fashion week? Ugh I'm pretty sure I'll end up eating them all before I can give them out. @.@
#deliveringjoy #fatjoy #whathedoost #fattycakesny #raindove #nyfw #temptation #fluffylove #edmcmann #oprah #YOUgetacakeandYOUgetacakaeandYOUgetacake
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